Appetizers & Side Dishes Menu

Each of the items below are delicately prepared behind the scenes by our skilled chefs in the kitchen

Cold Items from the Main Kitchen

Ap1 Sunomono(cucumber salad) $4.99 Ap5 Edamame(steamed soy bean) $4.99
Ap2 Super Sunomono(cucumber salad with octopus, shrimp with ponzu sauce) $7.99 Ap6 Oshitashi(steamed spinach) $4.99
Ap3 Mozuku(Japanese Mozuku seaweed with ponzu sauce) $5.99 Ap7 Tsukemono(Japanese Pickles) $4.99
Ap4 Hiya-Yakko – cold tofu(Bean curd with garnishing) $4.99 Ap8 Beef Sashimi $11.99


Ap9 Edoya Seaweed Salad $7.99sm/$10.99lg   Ap12 Tuna Sashimi Salad $15.50
Ap10 Chicken Salad $10.99   Ap13 Beef Sashimi Salad $11.99
Ap11 Seafood Crab Salad $12.99   Ap14 Salmon Skin Salad $10.99

Broiled, Grilled and Sauteed

Ap15 Yakitori(two skewers, chicken teriyaki) $6.50 Ap19 Spicy Baked Oyster2 pieces $6.50
Ap16 Negimaki(beef roll with green onion) $8.50 Ap20 Spicy Baked Green Mussel2 pieces $4.50
Ap17 Beef KushiyakiTwo skewers, beef teriyaki $7.99 Ap21 Japanese Mushrooms $8.99
Ap18 Yakizakana   Ap22 Baked Dynamite(hot/spicy gratin)  
  a. Salmon Shioyaki $9.99   a. Stuffed Lobster $13.99
  b. Salmon Kama (jaw) $8.99   b. Lobster $24.99
  c. Mackerel Shioyaki $8.99   c. Seafood $11.99
  d. Hamachi Kama (jaw) $10.99   d. Vegetable $9.99

Fried Items

Ap23 Fried Chicken Wing $6.50 Ap28 Tempura  
Ap24 Soft Shell Crab $7.50   a. Shrimp and Vegetableb. Shrimp Tempurac. Vegetable

d. Calamari

e. Seafood Combination

f. Lobster





Ap25 Spring Roll(home made) $5.50
Ap26 Chicken Scallop Roll(scallops in side wrap of chicken w/ ponzu sauce) $10.99
Ap27 Agedashi Tofu(fried tofu with sauce) $6.50 Ap29 Edo-Ya Stuffed Crab Mushroom $8.99

Steamed Items

Ap30 Shumai(steamed dumpling) $5.99 Ap34 Dobin-Mushi(a two-stage hot drink of boiled seafood) $8.99per person
Ap31 Yudo-Fu(beancurd in hot pot) $7.99   minimum order 2  
Ap32 Vegetable $6.99 Ap35 Chawan-Mushi(custard like egg soup with seafood) $8.99per person
Ap33 Gyoza(steamed and broiled dumpling) $6.50   minimum order 2